Amana Appliances Repair Vancouver

Amana Refrigeration Incorporated was first established in 1949 and began manufacturing appliances for the home out of Michigan, USA. They were acquired in 1965 by the company who first invented the original Microwave, Raytheon. Amana introduced the very first microwave that was popular for home use in 1967 named the Radarange.

Amana Appliances

Appliances Repair Vancouver has several years of experience with a fully qualified team of professionals. We are equipped to handle any problems with your Amana appliances and service all models in the Amana range. Regardless of home, office, or small businesses we can repair your Amana appliance back to running like new.

We specialize in:

  • Amana Washer Repair
  • Amana Ice maker and Ice machine repair
  • Amana Range Repair
  • Amana Cooktop Repair
  • Amana Wine Cooler Repair

And many more!

No matter what is wrong with your Amana appliance we can help, give us a call today!
You will be contacted to confirm the details of your request and will also be met by a licensed and experienced technical assistant. He will try his best to repair with your appliance to the best of their ability. Their website likewise helps customers to search for replacement parts in case that the technician will recommend an alteration on parts or accessories.