If your refrigerator is leaking water or will not dispense water then you may need to replace the dispenser waterline (Part# 8201537).

Before you begin any repair unplug the power. You will need a putty knife, 1/4 inch nut driver and a utility knife. Remove the dip tray from the bottom of the dispenser and set it aside. Using the putty knife, remove the escutcheon front cover. On the back of the escutcheon release the locking tab that holds the wire harness and pull it away.

Release the locking tabs on both sides of the dispenser and tilt the inner cover out of the way. The waterline is located on the right through a mounting bracket held by a 1/4 inch hex head screw.

Remove the screw and slide the bracket forward to remove waterline. Open the refrigerator doors and use a putty knife to remove the lower kickplate grille. Once the kickplate is removed close the fridge doors. Locate the waterline hose and pull it way from its connector.

Now you can remove the waterline hose from the top. To install the new waterline, feed it up from the bottom. Snake it through the mounting bracket and replace the screw.

Reposition the cover and snap the locking tabs into place. Put the escutcheon back in place and reconnect the wire harness. Attach the hose to the connector at the bottom and reattach the kickplate. Reconnect the power.