If your washing machine is leaking water, or won’t drain, you may need to replace the Washer Drain Pump (Part #W10276397).

Tip the washer forward and lower onto a blanket. Unplug the power cord. Shut off the water supply and remove the water supply hoses from the inlet valve.

Unsnap the drain pump wire cover and push the tab to detach the wire connector. Use pliers to release the clams securing the drain hose to the pump. Pull the hose off. Remove the screws securing the pump to the outer tub and remove the old part.

Install the new drain pump by inserting the pump outlet seal into the port on the outer tub. Secure it with screws. Slide the drain hose onto the outlet port of the pump and secure it with the clamp. Attach the wire connector and close the cover carefully.

Lift the washer to its upright position and reconnect the water supply hoses to the inlet valve.

Plug the power cord back in and confirm that the washer is functioning properly.