A few different parts could be responsible if your refrigerator is not cooling. The compressor may not be circulating coolant. The automatic defrost system may not be defrosting the evaporator coils. Your evaporator fan may not be operating. The thermistor may not be sending the correct temperature readings to the control board. Our your refrigerator may be low on Freon.

Check your power cord and electrical outlet. Once you have confirmed that your refrigerator is getting power, you should check for excessive frost build up on the evaporator, which can prevent cooling. If the evaporator has frost build-up you may have a problem with the automatic defrost system. 

If there’s no frost on the evaporator coils test if the compressor and evaporator fan run in the diagnostic test mode. Your refrigerator instruction manual will walk you through that process. If the compressor and evaporator fan both work correctly, you should check the thermistor, which is the temperature sensor.

Don’t hesitate to have a Appliance Repair Vancouver technician diagnose and repair your refrigerator.